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Commonly Ask Questions From a Real Online Crack Coke Supplier

How does real and fake crack coke differ in appearance?
Crack Coke cocaine looks like little white rocks or bits of candle wax. It’s usually sold in plastic bags. The rocks can be very white or light brown, depending on what’s added to them.

Fake Crack Coke crystals have the same colors, but they might be shinier and look more like glass.

How is the taste of a real crack coke different from fake crack coke
When you burn real flake cocaine, it smells like strong chemicals, like burning plastic, rubber, or nail salons.

When you smoke crystal methamphetamine, it has a similar smell. But a fake crack coke in different forms might have a sweeter or less strong smell.

What does real flake cocaine taste like?
The real flake cocaine tastes a bit bitter or salty because of baking soda. It makes you feel numb, unlike some other drugs.

But, some online crack coke suppliers put things that make you numb into fake crack coke to make it seem real.